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  1. Crystals For Wealth

    How to Use Crystals for Wealth.

    Carry 8 stones together, because 8 is the number of money. They can all be the same, or they can all be different. Ideally, you would pick eight crystals for wealth or luck to use - but the number eight is the number of prosperity, and this will amplify that energy. After discovering the money crystals for your intention, you can keep them in a small bag and carry them in your purse or pocket. Money stones are ideal to be kept around you at all times, so find a way that you can comfortably carry them with you, in whatever way works for you. 

    Ruby - the stone of “wise choices” and “noble decisions.” Particularly good for helping to make wise financial decisions. The power of Ruby is in its encouragement to follow your bliss and to realize your dreams, helping

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  2. The Power of love: Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz By: Kerri Jarrett Crystals and gemstones have been used and carried around throughout history by our ancestors from all walks of life dating back many years. It has been found that the use of crystals dates back to prehistoric times. They were carried for their magical energies, and their significance in different cultures varied. Each community that has or still does use crystals around the world has their meaning attached and motivation. Rose Quartz is the most commonly known and used stone by many, the message Rose Quartz emits is unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing; it is the stone of Venus. Rose Quartz is known as the ‘love stone’ the strong vibration it gives off is so powerful in opening the heart at so many levels that it often needs another stone to calm it. A common stone used with Rose Quartz is Amethyst which calms things down. Amethyst comes from the Greek meaning "without drunkenness." The “all-healer,” Amethys

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  3. How Copper Benefits you by Designer Kerrie Jarrett

    Copper, an essential mineral since ancient times, is considered healing and has been used for many years by our ancestors. It has been used for many of its important roles in the body and its incredible healing benefits.


    Wearing copper has been claimed to:

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